Cloth Napkins

This isn’t a recipe post, but a frugal saving money post which in turn helps to benefit the ability to make delicious meals! Check out the lovely post about using cloth napkins <<<<< click and read if you are interested!! Our family uses cloth napkins and they are great. I find them much softer and more absorbent than paper napkins. Not to mention the cost savings (which I like to roll over into buying yummy ingredients for recipes). We also use white “rags” as my children affectionately call them – they are harder workers than they typical paper towel and one bunch of $11 white kitchen cloths at Costco last for at least 5 years. I can’t remember the last time I purchased paper napkins or paper towels. Such a wonderful and easy way to save on your grocery bill. I can’t do all the math now, but I’m guessing that if you do use paper towels, you probably spend more than $11 dollars on them for 5 years. Yes, washing is a cost to consider – but again the total cost is certainly less than the cost of spending on paper towels and napkins!


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